The Provisions of Car Crash Laws in Louisiana


According to car crash laws in Louisiana,a fault system governs car insurance claims. Thus,the at-fault driver is responsible for the property damage and injuries of an accident.

Statute of Limitation

Louisiana car crash laws have a statute of limitation. This is the period allowed for filing a legal suit for a car accident. After this period elapses,you cannot file a suit.

You only have one year after a car accident to file a suit. Thus,you should contact a[dcl=6956] immediately after an accident.

Comparative Fault

Louisiana is a comparative fault state. Thus,more than one person can be at fault for an accident. If you obtain $50,000 in a car accident case but you are 10 percent at fault,your compensation will be reduced by ten percent.

Minimum Liability Coverage

Car crash laws in Louisiana stipulate the minimum liability coverage that every driver should carry. All drivers should buy liability coverage that will pay for the property damage and medical expenses of other road users. At the minimum,there should be the following coverage:

  • $25,000 for property damage

  • $30,000 for injuries of two or more people in an accident

  • $15,000 for injury of one person

Compensation Amount

Car crash laws in Louisiana only allow accident victims to recover compensation limited to the coverage amount of the at-fault driver. If the property damage policy has $50,000,you can only recover a maximum of $50,000 for property damages.

The Bottom Line

Car crash laws in Louisiana serve vital purposes. They determine the amount of compensation you can recover and the length for filing lawsuits among other issues. Knowing these laws will help you to determine your rights and liabilities in a particular accident. You should get acquainted with these laws if you are a car accident victim. You will also require [dcl=6956].

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